May 2018 Entertainment

May 2018

Experience Coopers Great  


Live Entertainment – Fri/Sat/Wed

Beer Selection

Smoking Patio

Mondays    Ping-Pong    Tournament

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Karaoke !



Open Mic 9th and 23rd

Friday May 4th

Bob Log III

 MOM Chaki

Gary the Clown


Saturday May 5th

Pete RG

House of Mary


Friday  May 11th


Modern Man


Drug Apts



Saturday May 12th




Friday May 18th

End of the Line

Tom Petty Tribute

$1 5

Saturday May 19th

The Stray

The Better Odds

Constant Lovers

Wild Powers


Friday May 25th

Cloud Catcher

El Dorado

 Crypt Trip



Saturday May 26th

Uncle Scam – Reunion Show!!!!

Square Cools

 Your Alibi


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